Male Specimen Collector

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Avertest is a leading forensic drug and alcohol testing service provider for Judicial, DOT Regulated, and Workplace clients across the country. We provide comprehensive turnkey programs that are custom designed for each client, however simple or complex.
Avertest seeks a highly-motivated male to assist with the collection of specimen used to identify the presence of drugs of abuse. Samples will most often include urine, oral fluids, and hair.
include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
Conducts directly observed specimen collection.
Checks-in clients.
Enters new-client data into program management database.
Engages in regular interaction with customers (i.e. judges, prosecutors, probation officers, and treatment counselors).
Maintains cleanliness of the collection area.
Other duties as assigned.
High school diploma or equivalent combination of education required.
Accredited 2-4 years college degree or certificate highly desirable.
Exemplary customer service experience including client relationships and job knowledge.
Outstanding attention to detail and ability to complete the job with no errors.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Ability to prioritize and manage time effectively.
Ability to maintain confidentiality.
Skill in the use of computers; especially Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
Experience in the field of Criminal Justice or Healthcare is highly desirable.
Due to the functions of the job, this position must be held by

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